Engineers And Contractors

Nabcontract is an engineering and contracting company, specialized in the fields of construction designs and general contracting. Nabcontract was founded by architect Nabeh Hashem, consultant engineer Rakhaa Hashem, and accountant Mozdaher Hashem in 1975.

Nabcontract is a corporation holding the status of Egyptian Share Company (Société Anonyme Égyptienne) while acquiring an exceptional reputation for accomplishing technical requirements for various projects.

Nabcontract was ranked “first class” by the Egyptian Union for Building and Construction in 1996.

Nabcontract is ISO 9001/2000, ISO 14001/2004, and OHSAS 18001 certified for meeting the international quality specifications and regulations during the processes of design and construction.

Nabcontract is a member of the following organizations:
The The Egyptian Industrial Union.
The The Egyptian Association for Quality Control.
The The German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
The The American Chamber of Commerce.
The The 10th of Ramadan Investors Association.
The The Egyptian European Association for Economic and Social Development.

Nabcontract’s qualified and highly trained employees uphold its high standards. Further, the company is supervised by a distinguished group of authorities.

Nabcontract distinguishes itself by offering unique services and innovative solutions, and by performing cost control for every stage in the project.

Nabcontract’s projects include, but are not limited to: touristic projects, factories, distinct commercial and residential buildings, public buildings, and public places of worship.

Previous Works

- The Commercial International Bank (CIB) (integrated works), 1994.
- New Grand Hotel Shopping Mall (integrated works), Hurghada, 1995.
- El Nakhil Hotel Hurghada (designs and integrated works), 1999.
- Hurghada Sporting Club (designs and integrated works), 2001.
- El Kosseir Social Club (designs and execution supervision), 2001.
- Misr America Carpet (MAC) (integrated works), 2001 – 2002.
- Mubarak Housing Project: Sites 1 and 2 (construction of 266 residential units), Safaga, 2002 – 2003.
- Oriental Petrochemicals Company Factory: administration building, polypropylene storage and packing building (integrated works), 2001.
- Oriental Petrochemicals Company Port (supplementary works), 2001.
- Maytex Factory for ready-made clothes (designs and integrated works), 15th of May City, 2004 – 2005.
- Misr America Carpet (MAC): administration building (designs and integrated works), 2000.
- Credit Suisse Bank (designs and integrated works), Dokki.
- Cairo University: International Law Institute (designs and integrated works), 1990.
- Religious Complex (integrated works), Mohammed Farid street.
- Equipment and installation works for power plant training centers in Dokki, Ismailia, Tanta, Alexandria, Aswan, and Mokattam (in cooperation with Thomson CSF/Paris).
- Cairo Underground Power Plant, Brown Boveri contract (design and construction works).
- Mecca Cooperative: automated milking plant (designs and execution supervision), Fayoum.
- Execution of civil works and telephone cable installation along the railway of Upper and Lower Egypt (in cooperation with ANT- Germany).
- MAF MISR: Maadi City Center (in cooperation with ASCON/ETA and ECTTP), Kattamiya, 2002 – 2003.
- Maadi City Center tunnel (in cooperation with ASCON/ETA and ECTTP), 2002 – 2003.
- El Amal Modern Language School (design works), 2000.
- Tecnotex Factory (design and integrated works), 15th of May City, 2005 – 2006.
- Dar El Rowad Orphan Care Project (integrated works), Helwan, 2006.
- Egyptian Embassy in Syria.
- Sheikh Zayed City Housing.
- Housing and Development Bank.
- 6th of October City Housing.
- Misr America Carpet (MAC): printing halls, service buildings, and warehouses (design and integrated works), 1984 and extensions in 2000.
- Misr America Carpet (MAC): weaving halls, operations halls, and warehouses (design and integrated works), 1992 and extensions in 1999.
- Misr America Carpet (MAC): printing halls and new workshops (designs and integrated works), 2001 – 2002.
- Misr America Carpet (MAC): weaving halls, operations halls, warehouses, and shipping platforms (designs and execution), 2001 – 2002.
- Moulinex Egypt: operations halls, administration building, and service building (designs and integrated works), 1991.
- Egyptian Fibers Company (EFCO): operations halls and administration buildings (civil and finishing works), 1986.
- Oriental Weavers: carpet factory production halls (designs and integrated works), 1980.
- Taba Plastic Factory (designs and integrated works), 1999.
- Electro-solar Energy Cells Factory (Egycell) (designs and integrated works), 1992.
- Plastit for plastic products (designs and integrated works), 1982.
- Allam Factory for Venetian Curtains (designs and integrated works), 2000.
- Reinforced steel mesh factory and administration building (integrated works), 1982.
- Dow Mideast: Petrochemicals factory (integrated works), 1996.
- Mina Farm: factory and sterilized zone extension (integrated works), 2001.
- Misr America Carpet (MAC): the textile and storage building extension project (integrated works), 2003 – 2004.
- Misr America Carpet (MAC): Compound Project (civil works), 2005 – 2006.
- El Sherouk Academy: College of Medicine (civil works), 2005 – 2006.
- El Sakr El Masry Factory (civil works), Obour City, 2005 – 2006.
- El Kholy factory for assembling and manufacturing computer hardware (designs and integrated works), 2000.
- Dar El Rowad Orphan Care Hostel Project (designs and integrated works), 2001.
- 6th of October Company for Development and Investment: El Nassaiem compound (masonry and finishing works), 1999.
- 6th of October University: College of Tourism & Hotels (amphitheaters and landscape), 2000.
- 6th of October University: College of Dentistry (masonry, electrical, sanitary, and finishing works), 2000.
- 6th of October University: teaching hospital (finishing works), 2000.
- Engineering Syndicate Club, 6th of October City, 2006.
- Grant Hotel Resort: extensions, rooms, diving center, and new swimming pool (integrated works), Hurghada, 1995.

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